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A picture is worth a thousand words to help promote your activities.

To get people interested in any community event you’re running, you need to get them talking about it and there are lots of free resources that you can use to give your posters or invitations real punch!

If you’re looking for free pictures to use on printed promotions, have a look at Here you can download all sorts of images to create eye-catching publicity and grab your customers’ attention.

Or if you’re producing an online promotion, you can embed pictures in your website or blog for free from Getty Images  (Both sites have some terms and conditions so make sure you check them out.)

Having produced the materials, where’s the best place to show them to get the maximum publicity? Online there’s obviously your own website but why not also look at the host of free social media sites? You might include:

Facebook Google+
Instagram Pinterest
Twitter YouTube
Blogger WordPress

If you don’t already have pages on these it’s easy to set them up and you might be surprised by who else is already there. Download our Social Media Guide for more information.

Once you have social media pages promoting your activities, spread the word even more by contacting your local press, websites and the PR department of Enterprise, ( telling them about the activity. The local press are always looking for interesting stories to cover and if they send a photographer to the event, ask them to send you copies of the pictures they’ve taken.

Even if no professional photographers attend, visitors to the event will certainly be taking photos, so ask them for copies or to email them to you for your website. Photos that are taken on the day - along with a brief description of the activities and what you hope to achieve - should be sent to all your local press and social media sites as well as uploaded to your application page here, to support your entry.

Just a quick note - You should ensure that you have the permission of all recognisable people in photographs that are entered into this competition.


Social Media is an invaluable marketing tool for all businesses and one that costs virtually nothing!

It’s not just for children and teenagers, the age demographic for users is a lot older than you might think and Facebook and Twitter are as popular with the 25 to 45 age group as they are with the 18 to 20’s. Why not do some research and ask your customers whether they have a Facebook page, or set one up yourself and see how other pubs are marketing their businesses?

Social Media is not a promotional tool which offers instant results. Like any good marketing initiative, it takes time to establish itself and develop a following, but with a little investment of time (and no money) it can yield great results. Your page should not just focus on deals and offers but provide a forum for local issues to engage your customers and prospective customers so that they keep coming back.

If you use social media you should include your page or account on all your customer communications from chalk boards to tent cards. The more people that know about it the better, especially in the early days.

If you would like more information on using Social Media, simply download our guide here.

Inspiration Inspiration Inspiration Inspiration Inspiration